Which One is Better – Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

It’s the hot debate and many people ask me personally that which oil, whether Ordinary Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we should use. I simply ask that the label “extra” doesn’t have anything to do with more calories or extra nutrition. It’s just simply a more natural product that is extracted only through mechanical means through which complete and pure olive oil can be obtained.

Firstly, let’s just talk about what the Ordinary Olive Oil is. Ordinary Olive Oil or Pure Olive Oil is actually the blend of a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a larger amount of processed olive oil. If we talk about the ratio of both these elements in ordinary olive oil, it will be like 5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 95% Processed Olive Oil. The processed olive oil gives a sharp fruity flavor of olives when it is baked.

On the other hand, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more expensive than the ordinary olive oil as it has more flavor and higher amount of purity. It is not obtained through chemical means and processes. Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil can only be obtained by mechanical means hence, it’s also known as the natural way to extract the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from pure and healthy olives.

If we take this discussion of differences to a broader scale, then we come across with many other versions of olive oil as well that are also considered to be the most common and are easily available in the market. Many manufacturers of olive oils provide you a different type of olive oils. The light Olive Oil doesn’t mean that it’s good for your health because it’s low in fat and stuff like that. To some extent, it’s true that it has less amount of fat because this light olive oil is extracted from heat and other chemical means. The impurities are removed by either heating or using chemicals and hence, the color and the flavor of the light olive oil is light.

Most of the manufacturers also mix other oils with light olive oil to make it even lighter and less cost effective. The most common oil that is mixed with light olive oil is the canola and sunflower oil. Therefore, the taste is much lighter than the ordinary olive oil. It is used commonly for the baking purposes and also, for garnishing salads and stuff like that.

So, which one to buy?

Before answering this question, you must know one thing. None of the olive oil types are useless. Every oil type has its own purpose and property. Now, the thing that depends is your requirement. It depends on what type of work you’re going to do with that oil. If your purpose is to make a healthy diet, you must go with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or you can also go with pure olive oil and if you’re going to bake things and decorate salad, then you must go with light olive oil. Overall, olive oil has some great benefits on your health.

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